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Known issues for Version 5.2:Currently there are no known critical issues with this version

Version 5.2 is a recommended upgrade for all users of earlier versions. Before installing V5.2 we recommend that you uninstall your earlier version completely and reboot. V5.2 adds support for the latest versions of all popular Instant Message (IM) clients and web browsers.

Send feedback!Please provide us with as much feedback as possible regarding your experiences using ActMon.

You can use our support form for feedback.

Before reporting a problem, please make sure that you are running the latest version of ActMon, currently this is “5.2“. The version information is displayed in the ActMon Commander “About” box and on the ActMon Commander main screen.

If you do not run the latest version, you can download it now. If you have a license key, simply reenter your license key. (A ActMon Version 5 license includes one year of free, unlimited updates: Once we release a new version simply download it, install it and unlock it with your license key).

Note: ActMon creates a special ActMon “SupportLog*.txt” files that helps us trouble shooting. You can copy & paste this information in your email to us. You find the file by opening ActMon Commander, go to MAIN MENU > HELP > “Display Support Log“.

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